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Advice on meeting god. :) [03 Sep 2007|09:21pm]

Hey, everyone! This is a short story I'd like to enter into a contest. However, it still feels a bit rough to me. I was hoping somebody could offer feedback and comments--and maybe even some criticism--to help me clean it up a bit. Don't be afraid to be harsh. Also, I'm having particular trouble with the ending. It just doesn't feel... complete. Any advice would be really appreciated. :)

I'm cross-posting to a couple of other writing communities. Thanks in advance!

Meeting God

I didn’t go to the mall to find God. Had I been looking for God I would have perhaps visited a religious institution, a quiet grove, or a place only reached through deep meditation. Instead, I was with my best friend Angela, and I intended to discover, not nirvana, but good Chinese food.

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Update/Reminder [23 Jun 2005|01:29pm]

Since it's been about a week since I posted about the laser tag event, just a quick reminder to interested parties: It's this weekend!

What?: Laser Tag Benefit Blast, a huge laser tag party with free food and fun raffles. Proceeds go to benefit Stand Up for Kids, an organization that helps children who live on the streets.

When?: This Saturday, June 25th starting at 5:00pm. 5pm-8pm it's $20 for three hours of laser-tag pizza, sandwiches, cake, drinks, and snacks. Then, at 8:30 we begin our tournament. Anyone can compete. It's $20 a person. Teams must have 6 players.

Where?: Battlezone, located at 8311 Creedmoor Rd. Raleigh,
NC 27613. It's in the shopping center at the intersection of Creedmoor
and Strickland. About five miles from Glenwood and Crabtree.

Who?: ME-3's Uggets, Battlezone, and Stand Up for Kids. G-105 will also be attending!

Why?: Because it's fun and it helps a good cause!

For more information check out our website: www.uggets.com or go directly to www.uggets.com/battlezone.html

Look forward to seeing everyone there. ^_^*

X-posted on a lot of local communities. Sorry. -.-; We need big crowds!
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Laser Tag Charity Party [14 Jun 2005|11:52am]

Hi guys! I'm just trying to get the word out about a local gathering. >_<;

A charity group called ME-3 and Battlezone are hosting a
Laser-Tag Benefit Blast on June 25th. From 5pm until 8pm
there will be pizza, sandwiches, raffles, and prizes.
It's $20 to play three hours of laser tag, and half of the
proceeds go directly to Stand Up for Kids, an organization
that helps children who live on the streets. Then, from 8pm to midnight
we're holding a tournament. The entry fee is $20 a person,
and the teams must have six players each. Even if you don't
want to play, we'll have a drop box to collect supplies for
Stand Up for Kids. ^_^*

The radio station G-105 should be there as well to help cover the event. ^_^*

Believe me, coming from someone who plays laser tag often: Twenty bucks for three hours of laser tag plus pizza is an amazing deal.

For more information on this event, check out the website:




Thanks. ^_^*

It should be an awesome party. Come bring a can of food. ^_^*
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[17 Dec 2004|07:59pm]

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I've joined and I think you should as well.

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[21 Sep 2001|03:20pm]

so, are we going to do this thing elyse suggested?

let me know, elyse.... i swear, i never see you, and we live in the same room.

can everyone get the article?
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as fleetwood mac says.... [17 Sep 2001|02:36pm]

[ mood | grateful ]

"Its been a loooong time"

I have been putting this entry off for a long time, alas procrastination. Its strange how motivating anger is. Perhaps thats why I am a fencer?

Anyhoo, this is about the book club thingamajigger that we have been mulling over for the past few months (yes, it really has been that long). Ok, we are going to meet this weekend, I don't know what time yet, please comment on the best times. I don't know where, either a coffeeshop or Matt's house? (not to invite us over, but your rec room really is wonderful). ;)

Ok, now the book in question? Obviously we cannot all read a book by this weekend, so instead I looked through some online reading reserves for UNC and pulled this article up. I really don't know if its good or not, but it shouldn't be too hard to finish before this weekend, and at least we will have finally started on something :)

Ok, go to http://eres.lib.unc.edu/coursepage.asp?cid=439&page=01 and print out the Ligeia story using Adobe Acrobat. This should work, you have to click a few copyright thingamabobbers. If there are any problems, let me know asap and hopefully we can find copies for you. If you know anyone who would also be interested, give them a copy, and see if they can make the meeting (don't forget to comment!). Its only 11 normal book pages, so its not going to take any of us long to get through it. I hope this all works out! See you soon!

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about my name [30 Aug 2001|01:41am]

[ mood | peaceful ]

Well, the roots of my user name is a carrot of a dilly... I have to re-trace this one myself finger-handed.

It must have started with a word-find puzzle I did in English class, where I had to find words synonymous with 'heaven'. And then, it shifts to me not going to the Champs-Elysee when I was in Paris last March because I really fancied this guy and wanted to hang out with him instead. (It was a boring time, nothing happened but nothing.)

Me being in a hole most of the time, I finally watched Gladiator on video about a month ago. Completely life-altering it was. And the soundtrack! [falls over chair] If anyone has the CD, it's the Elysium - Honor Him - Now We Are Free tracks that just get to me every time. I love it.

Finally, one night, it just struck me. I probably was writing in my physical journal, something about what I think heaven must be like. There's been a great many good people who have gone there, so it must be packed. And they're all different in their own ways, coming from different backgrounds.

A zoo to me isn't a hectic place, or a caging institution, but somewhere with the wickedest (is that a word? well, it's mine now, LoL) diversity. Where we'd all meet again and reminisce and keep good faith about the people still down there in Earth. Or if we're still Earthbound, we'd be keeping good faith in that we'll be there in the end, no matter what shite things will inevitably cross us.

I guess I tie in Gladiator heavily in this; where Maximus' life changes for the worst and he just loses his will and/or purpose to live, but Juba ( I think that's the African man's name) says, "not yet." I'm very spiritual. When I look like I'm gritting my teeth, I try to make it look like I'm smiling, and saying inside my head, "not yet."

And I think that's how I came up with my name.

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*shivers* [27 Aug 2001|02:03am]

[ mood | geeky ]

Hiya. I've no clue how I found this community, because my memory is muddy. I think it's so bizarre that I did find it, and considering what my name is. I don't even know how I came up with my user name either. Wow. My memory IS bad.

2(Hiya.) My name is Siri. And I'll be watching this.

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this is for the book thingy [30 Jul 2001|10:04am]

[ mood | unrelentingly self abusive ]

seeing as how almost *all* conversation in this community has stopped entirely, I thought I'd just record in here a book that I heard was good, and perhaps we can use it this fall. This is coming from someone on the Tori community

Neil Gaiman, "Stardust"
(this is the guy that wrote "The Sandman" series)

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[17 Jul 2001|02:57pm]

i decided that i would post this, since we don't all read comments.

even if you don't/can't do the book thing, could we get suggestions? we sort of want a variety... as long as there's something in it to talk about, it might work.

so, let us here what you think we (and hopefully you) should read. thanks!
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Readers Group or whatnot... [17 Jul 2001|10:13am]

[ mood | nerdy ]

for those of you interested in getting together every weekend (or so) this fall and discussing a pre-assigned book that we've all read, I thought that maybe we could start to organize the suggestions a wee bit more.

So... just comment and put them in your comment :)

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[12 Jul 2001|09:25pm]

the first semester i was in dixon fellows, we read a book called "the origin of virtue."

the argument questioned how natural selection and virtue could exist in the same species. the author first laid out natural selection, something i'm sure all of you are familiar with. only the most fit, and the least willing to sacrifice, get to pass on their genes. natural selection calls for selfishness by default. there is no room to be generous. generosity to anyone other than family is a waste of energy that could be better spent "getting ahead." family warrents generosity because they share genetic material. he dipped into the well known theory that our genes really control us (fascinating theory, i'd like to be better versed in it), and we are simply machines for their reproduction. anyhow, the gist of it is that in natural selection, there appears to be no room for acts of virtue.

so how in the world did something as crazy as virtue evolve? especially if we evolved from primates to whom simple survival was everything?

first, define virtue: over the course of the semester, the only definition we could agree on (too many fanatical christians in the room with two diehard atheists) was that it called for selflessness. but the origin of the selflessness? was virtue defined as a selfishness that god called you to deny, and in denying it you commited an act of virtue? if so, were you really virtuous? doing something because you're told to doesn't exactly imply what we like to think of as virtue. and if not, where did the selflessness come from? did what appeared to be selfless really have undercurrents of selfishness? did one do a good deed because one believed one ought to, or because one believed that one would benefit from it down the road? why would one believe that one ought to commit an act of virtue? especially since darwinian theory suggests that selflessness is the quickest way to die out? if one did a good deed because one thought that one would benefit from it down the road, was it really an act of virtue? but there are people who simply do good for the sake of doing good, right? why do they do that? don't they understand they will be taken advantage of by people who want to be at the top when natural selection makes its next eliminating sweep? why do people die for others? why do people die for their countries? dying for your child is acceptable, they carry your genes. but dying for a stranger? are we so brainwashed that the mantra "oh, but i'll go to heaven" will satisfy the screaming of our DNA to carry on? if so, who brainwashed us and why?

what about the fact that "society" teaches a child that virtue is a good thing? why would we teach our young something that works against the survival instinct?

there's more argument and a buttload of brilliant examples, but i'm sleepy and i don't have the book with me. i'll probably remember more later, right?
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[12 Jul 2001|03:01pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Here's another "firecracker" for ya'll... and beware, this is a controversial subject, so I hope that my suggestion does not insult any ;)

I have recently decided that the voice that says "doors closing" on the metro (in DC) is none other than Sigourney Weaver (sp?). Does anyone have any comments, suggestions, or outright denials of this?

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[11 Jul 2001|08:37pm]

You were close--it's "bienvenu" (all one word). But I'm impressed with your proximity to the actual word, especially after having spent a semester absobing Chinese into your bloodstream.


An interesting topic? Here's a firecracker:

Poll: Who believes in the basic goodness of humanity (or mankind, depending on how PC we want to be)? In other words, do you believe people have fundamentally good impulses? Or bad ones?
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Bien Venue! [11 Jul 2001|11:30am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

:) I hope I spelled that one right (Matt, please let me know if I did not... the horrors!) ;)

Oh, yeah, before I get too off-topic, here is our new community, enjoy!


PS (somebody please start an interesting convo/topic? Danke)

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