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about my name

Well, the roots of my user name is a carrot of a dilly... I have to re-trace this one myself finger-handed.

It must have started with a word-find puzzle I did in English class, where I had to find words synonymous with 'heaven'. And then, it shifts to me not going to the Champs-Elysee when I was in Paris last March because I really fancied this guy and wanted to hang out with him instead. (It was a boring time, nothing happened but nothing.)

Me being in a hole most of the time, I finally watched Gladiator on video about a month ago. Completely life-altering it was. And the soundtrack! [falls over chair] If anyone has the CD, it's the Elysium - Honor Him - Now We Are Free tracks that just get to me every time. I love it.

Finally, one night, it just struck me. I probably was writing in my physical journal, something about what I think heaven must be like. There's been a great many good people who have gone there, so it must be packed. And they're all different in their own ways, coming from different backgrounds.

A zoo to me isn't a hectic place, or a caging institution, but somewhere with the wickedest (is that a word? well, it's mine now, LoL) diversity. Where we'd all meet again and reminisce and keep good faith about the people still down there in Earth. Or if we're still Earthbound, we'd be keeping good faith in that we'll be there in the end, no matter what shite things will inevitably cross us.

I guess I tie in Gladiator heavily in this; where Maximus' life changes for the worst and he just loses his will and/or purpose to live, but Juba ( I think that's the African man's name) says, "not yet." I'm very spiritual. When I look like I'm gritting my teeth, I try to make it look like I'm smiling, and saying inside my head, "not yet."

And I think that's how I came up with my name.
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