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Laser Tag Charity Party

Hi guys! I'm just trying to get the word out about a local gathering. >_<;

A charity group called ME-3 and Battlezone are hosting a
Laser-Tag Benefit Blast on June 25th. From 5pm until 8pm
there will be pizza, sandwiches, raffles, and prizes.
It's $20 to play three hours of laser tag, and half of the
proceeds go directly to Stand Up for Kids, an organization
that helps children who live on the streets. Then, from 8pm to midnight
we're holding a tournament. The entry fee is $20 a person,
and the teams must have six players each. Even if you don't
want to play, we'll have a drop box to collect supplies for
Stand Up for Kids. ^_^*

The radio station G-105 should be there as well to help cover the event. ^_^*

Believe me, coming from someone who plays laser tag often: Twenty bucks for three hours of laser tag plus pizza is an amazing deal.

For more information on this event, check out the website:




Thanks. ^_^*

It should be an awesome party. Come bring a can of food. ^_^*
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